Template (Windsor), 2015, approx. 42x18x36"   
 Untitled, 2014, wooden chairs, paint, stain, varnish, glue, 38x18x36".   
 Food Chain, 2006, wooden tables, silver-plated serving dish, paper cup, paper plate   
 Serviette, 2002, upholstered chair, bed sheets, hand towels, lace curtain, 56x36x35"   
 Nomad,  2005, couch, 87x83x36"  Nomad is constructed from a couch.  It hangs at eye level from a single wire and gently revolves.  The stuffing and foam have been removed and the fabric is stretched over the wooden frame using kite and tent-making strategies.   
 Collector, 1998, wooden dresser, 86x48x27"   
 Template, 2001, wooden chair, 43x22x26"   
 Volume Progression, 1997, wooden dresser, screws,glue, variable dimensions   
 Four Squares, 1998, wooden table, glue   
 Jigsaw Duet, 1997, wooden table, stoneware, utensils,rubber, 48x36x36"   
 Jigsaw Duet detail   
 Between, 1995, child's crib, wooden bed, paint   
 Between, detail   
 Twine, 2002, oriental rug, bathroom rug, seat covers, thread, approx. 6.5x6"  This piece may be displayed on the wall or the floor.   
 Trickle Down, 1997, mixed material, 26x55x48"   
 Untitled, 2006, wooden child's chair, glue   
 Reconstruct, 1993, broken wooden chair, 32x16x74"  The second chair was constructed as a model from bits of the broken veneer sheet of the first chair.      
 Miscalculations, 1995, wooden highchair, glue   
 Tilt, 1999, Mirror, glue, approx. 28x65x18"   
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